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Providing The Best Educational Experiences for All Students

Education is the prime indicator of how successful you will be in life. You are constantly learning and overcoming challenges, resulting in creating a life you’ve never dream of.

Scandinavian Education has one of the best education systems in the world. Their common-sense practices and holistic teaching environment creates the best human beings, instead of memorizing, cramming and taking standardized testing.

Focusing on cooperating not a competition, teaching you the best values in life, different from current society norms which have separated people into a different class standard.

Scandinavian education focuses on building trust and honest, creating a more relaxed atmosphere that includes longer breaks in between classes, later start times, and less homework required. (Every student’s dream!)

Encouraging, Discovering, Exploring, helping you towards your passions and dreams in life.

That is why Scandinavian Scholastic Center is passionate about helping students to study under Scandinavian Education. We’ve been changing directions of student’s lives, giving them an opportunity they never thought possible.


Based in Sri Lanka, our mission is to make significant changes in the educational system by changing its traditional methods, promoting trust and honest, building equality throughout society to deliver the best opportunities for every child. But it begins with your child! That’s why we have teamed up with Scandinavian educational specialists and reputed institutes to make this happen.

Our company focuses on five avenues to create this dream to a reality.

Scandinavian Student Recruitment

Educational Training and field visits in Scandinavia

You can experience the life you’ve always wanted.

It begins with taking the first step…. Ask for more information!

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